Activities in the area

Once comfortably settled into your haven of peace, your mind may wander to questions about what to do. Immediately on the doorstep, you will find the cross-country tracks just below the chalet for invigorating sorties in winter and, in summer, the way to the “Parcours-vita” just a few hundred metres up the valley. A walk of around half an hour brings you to the village of Jaun where you can see an iconic new church and – this is by no means macabre – a unique graveyard decorated with wood -carved “headstones” depicting a scene from the life or profession of the deceased. Opposite the church, in the shady face of the mountain, the waterfall and the surroundings of the old church (Cantarum) are located in a particularly strong energy field. If you happen to be an expert, you may be interested in readings of 13,500 Bovis units – more than doubling the level at which the energy content is considered “health-promoting”. In June, up to 6000 litres of water per second gush out of the rock and the origin of this phenomenon remained a mystery until 1928 . Just north of the village of Jaun you will find the “Gastlosen Express” a 4 seater chair-lift which will take you to the Gastlosen mountain range with its multitude of summer and winter activities. About the same distance down the valley, you will reach Charmey with its thermal baths, sauna, hammam and various wellness facilities.

Further afield, taking a right turn on the main road, a visit to the Broc Callier chocolate factory, the Château de Gruyère or the Gruyère cheese factory will stimulate and satisfy tastebuds, while a walk around the historic town of Bulle will let you discover a variety of quaint, original eateries, bars and assorted boutique clothing shops.

Château de Gruyère

Turning to the left, crossing through the village, the main road will take you to Jaun Pass, a high mountain pass 1,509m up in the Swiss Alps linking the canton of Fribourg to the Bernese Oberland. Just 30 minutes by car, Zweisimmen is the pivot point to the Adelboden-Lenk valley, the heights of Saanenmöser, Schönried and ultimately Gstaad or on your way down the Simmental valley, passing the Gantrisch mountain range, with the imposing the Stockhorn, until you reach the lakes of Thun and Brienz with their multitude of summer and winter activities.

North or South, up or down, any which way, the location of Mys Chalet offers its visitors a full, colourful, enriching palette of soul-satisfying activities ranging from high adrenalin rock climbing or exhilarating downhill and cross-country skiing to gentle mountain trails for leisure walking or soothing wellness oases.